To interview THE G WORD’s Director/Producer Marc Smolowitz, please contact Danielle Holke by email or phone: 347-616-0434.


“The G Word: A Documentary” on Gifted Homeschooler's Forum

Hello, my name is Marc Smolowitz, and I’m a veteran, award-winning filmmaker based in San Francisco. I am currently directing and producing a new feature documentary called THE G WORD which aims to be the most comprehensive film to date on giftedness, learning differences, and high-intelligence.


13th Gen Launches 40-day Kickstarter to Raise $60k for a New Feature Documentary About Giftedness

San Francisco, Mar 20, 2019 - San Francisco-based film company 13th Gen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000+ to finish principal cinematography on its latest documentary-in-production, THE G WORD, directed and produced by multi-award winning independent filmmaker Marc Smolowitz, and produced by philanthropist Ron Turiello.




'G Word' documentary focuses on gifted San Luis students

The academic accomplishments of elementary school students here are being profiled in “The G Word,” a documentary by a California filmmaker who wants to show that gifted minds can be found in unexpected places.

April 11th, 2019


An independent filmmaker highlights gifted students of San Luis

Reporter Aziza Shuler met up with Marc Smolowitz and THE G WORD team in San Luis in April of 2019.

March 19th, 2019


Unwrapping Giftedness in American Education

Before knowing that Marc has his own background as a gifted child, it might be difficult to see the connection between Marc’s latest project The G Word, and his other films, which certain largely around social justice issues like race, gender, and sexuality.

March 19th, 2019

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The G Word Highlights NSD Hi-Cap Program by David B. Clark

Smolowitz recently had the opportunity to interview five individuals from the Northshore School District. In addition, a crew from 13th Gen, Smolowitz’s San Francisco-based production company, filmed the State of the School District presentation at the end of February. 

January 25th, 2019


Filmmaker Explores Giftedness at FDL Ojibwe School By Andee Erickson

A San Francisco film crew is reporting around the country exploring what it means to be a gifted child in 21st century America, from the U.S-Mexico border to the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation, and everywhere in between.

November 28, 2017


The Other Side of Being “Gifted”by Teresa Currivan

Director Marc Smolowitz shines a new light on giftedness. Produced by Ron Turiello, the movie includes highly regarded experts in the field of giftedness. 



Marc Smolowitz on The Fringy Bit Podcast With Heather & Jonathan Boorman

Listen in as Heather and Jon chat with award-winning film maker Marc Smolowitz about his upcoming film THE G WORD. As most conversations with gifted, creative folks go, this episode covers a plethora of topics, including the upcoming film, anti-intellectualism, generational theory, and who gets to be gifted in the American system.

Marc Smolowitz on the Someone Gets Me Podcast With Dianne A. Allen

Marc shares about his powerful family history and the resilience that continues to serve him today. The conversation is packed with amazing insights about Marc’s personal and professional journey.

Marc Smolowitz on the Embracing Intensity Podcast With Aurora Remember

Why is intensity often cast with a negative connotation? This episode highlights an intense and “extra” person who is finding success in the world of filmmaking, embracing intensity, and happy to take the risk to be a shining creative!


Marc Smolowitz on the MyEdExpert Podcast With Suzy Pepper Rollins

Marc and Suzy chat about The G Word, which discusses the economic, cultural, and gender diversity of our nation’s gifted and talented population.


Marc Smolowitz on the Mind Matters Podcast With Emily Kircher-Morris

There is a myth that gifted people are mostly financially secure, white, and don’t require the same attention as an average child. Marc joins host Emily Kircher-Morris to put those myths to rest. Listen to their discussion on episode 28 of Mind Matters.

Marc Smolowitz on The Tilt Parenting Podcast With Deborah Reber

This episode is about the state of giftedness in today’s kids, as seen through the lens of independent filmmaker Marc Smolowitz. Marc runs an award-winning, San Francisco-based production company called 13th Gen, and one of his newest projects is a film currently in production called The G Word, a documentary exploring where gifted individuals fit in in today’s society.


Marc Smolowitz on The Dyslexia Podcast With Elisheva Schwatrz

Marc shares all about his newest project, THE G WORD, an unforgettable documentary that unravels the complex challenges of defining and meeting the needs of high intelligence in the 21st century. Interview starts at 5:28.